About us

Vitaly Rylov

Due to the tragic death of the founder and chief trader of MyPersonal.trade Vitaly Rylov Company Leaders Council was founded.
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The idea of creating MyPersonal.trade company originated from the practice of doing big business.

We intended to conduct the transaction between the companies UAE, the Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine.
Its implementation has involved a lot of financial leverage - SBLC, BG and others, used by leading banks in Europe.

The result couldn't be achieved because of the economic contradictions in the laws of the countries participating in the agreement. The transaction took more than one and a half years. Several million dollars were spent...

The conclusion was simple: we need other new mechanisms. But there was no answer. It was 2011.

Two years later my sub-partners from Belgium and Austria were in a similar situation.
They proposed an alternative – Bitcoin. But the transaction was declined after the prospects of the market at the time were assessed.
For the first time we have seen that there is something that aspires to something.
Later we had information about major UK banks spending huge amounts of money to study blockchain technology. Then we started to experiment with trading on the stock exchanges but it was still "raw" and too speculative.

Systematic study of the depth of the market and its opportunities has its start since 2014. As a result, it is absolutely clear that this new financial platform has a great potential capacity. We decided to stay in this area and continue to work.

To date, the result of our work is the creation of an investment product and company MyPersonal.trade.