Affiliate Program Affiliate Program


All changes and additions to current Affiliate Program were approved by Company Leaders Council as of 12/19/2016.
The aim of this changes is stabilization the operation of the Company due to force majeure.

Starting from 12/19/2016 Additional Quarterly Interest is temporarily suspended.
This change will be reviewed on 02/15/2017 by Company Leaders Council.

The investment plan is the same for all investors categories.
  • All changes and additions to the current Affiliate Program are TEMPORARY and enter into force starting 12/19/2016. This changes will be active until 02/15/2017.
  • Changes are applied to ALL deposits.
  • Minimum deposit:
    1. from December 19, 2016 - $20.
  • The maximum amount of investment: unlimited.
  • Your investment works 365 days.
  • Each investor can create any number of deposits from $20 in his own back-office. In this way you don't need to register the multiple accounts.
  • Referral link is formed only after you make the first minimum deposit.

Interest accrual terms
  • Partners earn 1% daily on their investments from Monday to Friday (20% per month). Payments are made once a week starting from Friday 21:00 (UTC +3) and continue until the end of Saturday. Sunday is the day off and preparation for next week's trading on the stock exchange.
  • The body of investment is included in the payment.
  • Accrued interest can be immediately ordered to withdraw, or re-invested.
  • Every quarter each deposit located for three months will receive additional interest depending on trading.

Early termination terms
  • Early termination of the deposits is temporarily suspended until 02/15/2017 due to force majeure. This change will be reviewed on 02/15/2017.
  • In any emergency situation, if you urgently need money, you can always get them.
  • In case of early investment withdrawal only the nominal amount is returned to you, minus previously obtained income and referral payments from your deposit (10%).

Affiliate program

You are a sociable person with an active lifestyle? Then there are some additional rewards for you!

  • 5% of the deposit amount from the personally invited investors.
    Build your first line to infinity!
  • 2% of the deposit amount from the 2nd line of investors.
  • 1% of the deposit amount from the 3rd line of investors.
  • 1% of the deposit amount from the 4th line of investors.
  • 1% of the deposit amount from the 5th line of investors.

12 months

240% 240%

6 months

120% 120%
The way works with deposits

Every day the company verifies the receipt of deposits. All transactions occur in cryptocurrency, so if we are satisfied with the price corridor the company is buying Bitcoins. In the future all users desirably move to the payments in Bitcoins.

The way company provides the interest accrual

Interest on the deposit is accrued only from trading on the stock exchange. Trading takes place in several directions at once. Now works on from 3 to 8 pairs simultaneously and produces from 41 transactions a month. This is the minimum number of transactions that provides the interest accrual, referral bonuses and other operating expenses of the company.

The pairs selected to trade are pre-analyzed and waiting their queue.

High volatility (price fluctuations) of the market provides profits two or three times in a day on certain pairs. Therefore, the number of transactions per month is much higher. The second pair and all subsequent pairs are traded afterwards.

The guarantees basis

All that MyPersonal.tradecompanymakes is only the first step to enter the big business together with our investors.

Cryptocurrency market today it’s like to trade Chinese lighters in the 90s. You buy them in China by weight, you sell them in the CIS by the piece.
The company's mission is to determine which goods will be on demand in the market tomorrow, "lighters" or "diapers". Get info today and take advantage of it immediately.

Force majeure risks:
  • Hacking the stock exchange and complete or partial funds withdrawal from it (, gatecoin ...) - lots of examples.
  • Unsuccessful transaction can go into a pending order for an indefinite period as long as we are not satisfied with the price.